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Cherry peppers

Cherry peppersOriginally this product is coming only out of South Africa. It is bright red in colour and heart-shaped. It has a slightly sweet flavour that can range from mild to medium-hot. Since season 2013 we also have yellow coloured cherry peppers available. Cherry peppers are available in plastic pouches preserved via the so called cold-method. Since 2013 the product is also available as preservative free product in tins, preserved via the pasteurisation method. Carara product is known in the market for its very crunchy texture and that makes it an unique product, ideal for stuffing with cream cheese and/or tuna fish. Product that does not meet the high standards for stuffing is not wasted but its packed and sold as B-grade product, sliced product or as cherry pepper purée. This gives the innovative food industry opportunities to introduce new flavours in products like sauces, spreads, cheese and for example for use on pizza toppings.


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